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We are thrilled to announce the formal release of Hail 0.2! The interface is now stable. Hail 0.2 reflects over a year of work based on the experiences of our team and our users with Hail 0.1. It’s a huge step forward …

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NativeLib compilation now requires lz4 (1)
[Feature] Chained linear regression (1)
[Feature] pass through fields to regression methods (1)
[Breaking Change] Hail 0.2 removed KinshipMatrix, linear_mixed_regression (18)
Hail workshop on Oct 31, 2018 at Harvard School of Public Health (1)
Renamed filter_variants_all, filter_samples_all (1)
Faster Eigendecomposition (and maybe other Linear Algebra) with MKL (1)
Hail 0.2 seminar and workshop: April 10, Cologne (1)
[Breaking change] Hail 0.2 sign function (1)
[Breaking Change] Hail 0.2 import_bgen should be passed a min_partitions parameter (1)
[Breaking Change] split_multi (1)
[Breaking Change] Random functions in Hail (1)
[Breaking Change] VEP configuration format has changed (1)
[Breaking change] partition keys removed from python interface (1)
Upgrade cloudtools to 2.0.0! (1)
[Breaking Change] Changed how take, show, collect behave for MatrixTable column and entry expressions (1)
[Breaking Change] change to Table.key_by (1)
How to filter to PASS variants from VCFs (4)
[BREAKING CHANGE] redesign of aggregator interface (1)
[BREAKING CHANGE] redesign of regression (GWAS) functions (2)
Linear regression burden tests, collapsing genotypes by variant key (2)
[breaking change] Expression.value removed; use hl.eval (3)
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