[breaking change] Expression.value removed; use hl.eval (3)
Logging changes (1)
[Breaking change] Join syntax changes (1)
[BreakingChange] Changes to index_bgen and import_bgen (1)
[Breaking change for some] (1)
[Breaking change] flatten and expand_types now unkey (1)
Logistic regression burden tests (5)
[Breaking change] CallExpression.is_het_nonref renamed to CallExpression.is_het_non_ref (1)
Fixed overflow bug in 0.2 chi_squared_test / contingency_table_test, present since June 25, 2018 (1)
Log of breaking changes in 0.2 beta (18)
Multivariate statistics added to linear regression aggregator (1)
[Breaking Change] Intercept is now optional in regression and SKAT (1)
[Breaking Change] overwrite parameter on BlockMatrix write and write_from_entry_expr (1)
[Breaking Change] Rename of methods/fields: ctt, chisq, hardy_weinberg, hardy_weinberg_p, variant_qc, transition_disequilibrium_test (5)
[Breaking Change] sample_qc (1)
Fast linear regression for multiple phenotypes, eQTLs ( 2 ) (25)
[0.2-beta breaking change] Table.order_by now unkeys (1)
[Breaking change] Variant QC changes to support multiallelics (5)
Moving from Gitter to Zulip (1)
[Breaking change] Hail 0.2 no longer supports BGEN 1.1 (1)
[Breaking Change] filter_samples_list now takes a list (9)
Clarification of `agg.sum` behavior (1)
[Breaking change] New changes to select, annotate, key_by interface for 0.2 (1)
[Breaking change] Filter alleles (1)
Reference genomes in 0.2 (1)
Hail now detects multiallelics on VCF import (5)
Concordance command added (12)
The annotation database (4)
Changes to filter_variants_intervals; filter intervals programmatically (2)
Using filter_intervals to query the 16GB gnomAD sites dataset in 300ms on your laptop (1)