Get_vcf_metadata omitting FILTER line descriptions

I noticed that get_vcf_metadata doesn’t appear to be pulling the descriptions of FILTER lines. For example, I ran:

metadata = hl.get_vcf_metadata(

The VCF has the following descriptions in the header:

##FILTER=<ID=AC0,Description="Allele count is zero after filtering out low-confidence genotypes (GQ < 20; DP < 10; and AB < 0.2 for het calls)">
##FILTER=<ID=InbreedingCoeff,Description="InbreedingCoeff < -0.3">
##FILTER=<ID=PASS,Description="Passed all variant filters">
##FILTER=<ID=RF,Description="Failed random forest filtering thresholds of 0.055272738028512555, 0.20641025579497013 (probabilities of being a true positive variant) for SNPs, indels">

but the descriptions from get_vcf_metadata are empty:

{'AC0': {'Description': ''},
 'InbreedingCoeff': {'Description': ''},
 'PASS': {'Description': ''},
 'RF': {'Description': ''}}

huh, weird. We can take a look.

aha… will fix

thank you!!