Install hail and running on Cloudera Cluster

Hi, I am installing Hail on Spark follow the instructions “Building Hail from source”. Here are my commands and problems:
git clone --branch 0.1
cd clone
step2(failure, accurately blocked )
./gradlew shadowJar -Dspark.version=2.0.2.cloudera1
after Downloading and Unzipping grade*.zip, many files with “pom” suffix were downloaded, finally it stopped at Configuring, like this :
"> Configuring > 0/1 projects > root project > Resolving dependencies ‘:testCompile’ "
detail logs are as below:

Did it error out? How long did you wait?

I would also strongly urge you to use the 0.2 development version, which will be the stable release version by mid-October. We will also fully deprecate 0.1 at that point, stopping support / bugfixes.

At last I found this problem is caused by unstable network. Sorry for the trouble.
I installed version 0.2 pre-compiled previously, but cannot find source code, then the follow install steps cannot be go on

The source for 0.2 is the master branch of this repository:

(0.1 is the 0.1 branch)

Thanks very much