#Strike4BlackLives - Tomorrow, June 10

Tomorrow, June 10, is a global, day-long strike to engage with the issues of anti-Black racism and the violence, both structural and literal, that Black people are subject to in our society. We, as a team, will be taking time tomorrow to educate ourselves and reflect on what we can do to support Black people in our lives and our work.

We will not be responding to any questions posted on any of our fora tomorrow, June 10th, from 00:00 until 23:59 EDT. We ask that you refrain from posting, as well.

Instead, we encourage you to join us in taking a one-day break from your research to make a plan for what you can do to stop the perpetuation of bias and systemic racism within your own lab, and community, and research.

To read more about the strike, and for resources to engage with tomorrow:

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