Assertion Error during entries().show()

Hello Everyone,

I had a matrix table created by importing a vcf file.

After that I executed the below command which resulted in assertion error.

t1 = mt.annotate_rows(gt_counter=hl.agg.counter(mt.GT)) t1.entries().show(10)

Error message is given below.

Can help me understand what does this error indicate?

Hail version: 0.2.55-2802af64de39
Error summary: AssertionError: assertion failed: +PCDict[PCCall,+PInt64] <- PCDict[PCCall,+PInt64]
  src: +PCStruct{rsid:PCString,qual:PFloat64,filters:PCSet[+PCString],info:+PCStruct{AF:PFloat64,MAF:PFloat64,R2:PFloat64,ER2:PFloat64},gt_counter:PCDict[PCCall,+PInt64],`the entries! [877f12a8827e18f61222c6c8c5fb04a8]`:+PCArray[+PCStruct{GT:PCCall,DS:PFloat64,GP:PCArray[+PFloat64]}]}
  dst: +PCStruct{rsid:PCString,qual:PFloat64,filters:PCSet[+PCString],info:+PCStruct{AF:PFloat64,MAF:PFloat64,R2:PFloat64,ER2:PFloat64},gt_counter:+PCDict[PCCall,+PInt64],`the entries! [877f12a8827e18f61222c6c8c5fb04a8]`:+PCArray[+PCStruct{GT:PCCall,DS:PFloat64,GP:PCArray[+PFloat64]}]}

Assertion errors like this are Hail bugs, thanks for reporting it. Generally we’ll ask you to update to the latest release (0.2.55 => 0.2.57 here) and see if the error persists, and if it does, we’ll make a patch.

In this case, I believe that the following commit, which happened between the 0.2.55 and 0.2.56 releases, fixes this problem:

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