[BREAKING CHANGE] redesign of regression (GWAS) functions

We have changed the following regression methods:

  • hl.linear_regression
  • hl.logistic_regression
  • hl.poisson_regression
  • hl.linear_mixed_regression

We have renamed them to:

  • hl.linear_regression_rows
  • hl.logistic_regression_rows
  • hl.poisson_regression_rows
  • hl.linear_mixed_regression_rows

We have renamed them to better indicate these methods’ specific GWAS application in an increasingly general-purpose library.

There is also a change in semantics: these methods now return Table objects, rather than adding new fields to the MatrixTables they take as input. This make export and exploration of the results much more natural.

This change may impact some multiple-regression UKBB activities, but we will add functionality to enable these specific use cases in the coming few weeks.