Exporting table from relatedness

Hi there,

I would like to export this relatedness table/mt as a csv or tsv file and have done so as per this command:


However this exports the table out as a folder instead of a single csv file that I can open up in excel. table.export(‘file.tsv’) does not work…is there something I’m missing here?

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Does mt.entries().export(...) do what you want here?

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Hi Tim,

Thank you, that’s great! It’s worked so far as exporting a table in 2 columns. This is very large, however, creating approx 3 mill rows. How would I preserve the way the matrix is set up as per the image above, as in, how would I add the ‘key_cols_by()’ to the command you’ve just sent me?

Many thanks

Ah! I see. There’s no MatrixTable.export, but I think that mt.phi.export(...) will generate a tab-separated matrix.

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That’s the one! Thanks Tim.