Find rsids from <chr:pos>

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In my MatrixTable, the “rsid” column does not contain the rsids (e.g. rs3431231), instead its content is saved similar to the locus key, as “chr:pos:a1:a2” (e.g. “21:14338253:T:C”). Is there a way to get the rsids corresponding to each variant’s position based on a reference panel?

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I think the easiest way to get the rsid is by either:

  1. Annotating with VEP (I believe one of the id fields in VEP annotation ought to be the rsid). See:
  2. Using the annotation database to annotate with dbsnp. See:

Either way, you have to pull in some outside annotation source that knows about rsids.

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Hi John,

Thanks a lot for responding!
How would I annotate with dbSNP? The reason for asking is that I don’t see dbSNP in the list of available databases.

@kkarbasi did you ever find a solution to this using the dbSNP? I’ve been banging my head against this for awhile.