First tutorial: IllegalArgumentException

I installed using pip on Windows (including Java 8 JRE). Everything seems to work, e.g. hl.init(). The problem began with hl.utils.get_1kg('data/'), when I get Error summary: IllegalArgumentException: Wrong FS: file://C:\Users\darwell\AppData\Local\Temp\tmp2u_gs310\1kg.vcf.bgz, expected: file:///

However, the 1kg.vcf.bgz file appears in a Temp folder, so I can move it to the data folder.

But from hl.import_vcf('data/1kg.vcf.bgz').write('data/', overwrite=True) I get the error Error summary: IOException: (null) entry in command string: null chmod 0644 C:\Users\darwell\Desktop\work\hail\data\\rows\rows\parts\part-1-2-1-0-f31275e4-ec4b-ab19-4b85-b7adc12dbfd9

Although, hl.import_vcf('data/1kg.vcf.bgz') only finds the file

In general, Hail isn’t supported / expected to work on Windows. I don’t use a Windows computer, so not exactly sure how this works, but we do have users who go through the Linux Subsystem on Windows and manage to get it work.

OK thank you - I thought this might be the reason but was hopeful as it seemed to function pretty well