Got error when writing vds with parquet_genotypes parameter

I can write vds using the “parquet_genotypes” parameter using hail 0.1 but not in the dev version. Here’s the error I got:

vds.write(“1kg_pq.vds”, parquet_genotypes=True)

TypeError Traceback (most recent call last)
in ()
----> 1 vds.write(“1kg_pq.vds”, parquet_genotypes=True)

TypeError: write() got an unexpected keyword argument ‘parquet_genotypes’

vds.write(“1kg.vds”) works, but vds.write(“1kg.vds”, parquet_genotypes=False) causes the same error as above.

My hail version is devel-7beaca7

Is this a bug or there is a way to get around it?


Hi Jerry,
We recommend that everyone uses the 0.1 stable version, not the development branch. The interface is different and changing often, the data formats are totally different (there’s actually no parquet support in devel!), and devel is quite a bit slower than 0.1 right now.

Thanks, Tim! I’ll switch to use 0.1. Looking forward to 0.2! :grinning: