Hail 0.2 and SEQR are compatible?

I am a software developer.
I need to install Hail and SEQR.

I need to know if the following tools are compatibles:

  1. Hail 0.2 --> Spark2.2.0 --> Elastic Search
  2. SEQR

Do you know if the pipelines for hail-elastic search using hail 2.0 are compatibles with SEQR?
Do you know an e-mail to contact SEQR support?

Hi Octavio, the ElasticSearch connector in Hail 0.1 hasn’t been ported to Hail 0.2 yet, so I think the answer is no. However, it should be easy to lift over, I created an issue to track it: https://github.com/hail-is/hail/issues/3454. I might be able to do it today. For seqr support, check out the home page: https://seqr.broadinstitute.org/, in particular, you can email: seqr@broadinstitute.org.