Hail architecture or design philosophy


I am currently trying to understand hail design inside out. However, I couldn’t find any hail design philosophy or architecture document. It could be a workflow diagram as well.

Could you please point me to it?

There are some materials on this topic here:

Thanks for the material.

Out of curiosity, is there a research paper published by your team on hail?

No, there’s not (yet…)

We recognize the benefit for having a paper, but our team generally enjoys writing code more than prose :slight_smile:. It’s also been hard in the past to choose a “stopping point” to write about the architecture – while interfaces have changed very little during the life of Hail 0.2, the backend infrastructure has changed dramatically.

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On the upgrades side, I was trying to see if there is any .Changelog file in GitHub repository. Is there a place where I can see the summary or highlights of upgrades happened during life of Hail 0.2?

There’s a changelog on the site, but that’s only for user-facing changes, many of which are minor bugfixes, performance improvements, or minor new features. We don’t have a curated changelog of backend changes.