Hail batch job submission problem


I’m running Hail on a HPC cluster and submitted a batch job. However, the job has been waiting in the queue forever (days) without running, while usually it runs within minutes or so. I have checked with admin and made sure there was no server problem or no other substantial jobs running at the same time. I did not get direct error message so not exactly sure what went wrong. The Hail scrips are pretty much as previously I had (no problem before).

Sorry if this problem is out of the topic here, but just wonder if any suggestions.

Though no direct error message, below is the log file I got. If by any chance, please let me know any comments or insights.

Thank you very much!

hail-20230104-1109-0.2.104-1940d9e8eaab.log (8.0 MB)

We can’t help debug a job scheduler we don’t maintain, but my advice is to check the resource requests for your job if it’s never getting scheduled (if you request 24 cores but the max machine is 16 cores, you’ll never run, for instance). The log file you attached seems to indicate a successful Hail pipeline.

Got it. Thanks much for your reply and suggestions!