Hail import vcf problem

I am import the new VCF file from GLnexus and create the MatrixTable,
and encounter the error as below,
I am wondering what I need to do with the following error?

> Hail version: 0.2.78-b17627756568
> Error summary: VCFParseError: missing value in FORMAT array. Import with argument 'array_elements_required=False'
> **ERROR:** (gcloud.dataproc.jobs.submit.pyspark) Job [46f3042082c94fb880d9e41e7b5298cd] failed with error:
> Google Cloud Dataproc Agent reports job failure.

This error is telling you that the VCF you’re trying to read has a missing value in the FORMAT array. You can try using the array_elements_required=False argument like it suggests if that’s expected. If that’s unexpected, you should track down the source of the missing value in your VCF file.