How to add new columns in Hail table?

MatrixTable 's annotate_cols adds new column fields. Table 's annotate adds new row fields.

Is there any way to add a new column to the hail table? We tried the below code but its throwing the following error “TypeError: ‘Table’ object does not support item assignment”

Code: ht[‘esp6500siv2_all’] = ht[‘AA_AF’]+ht[‘EA_AF’]


We try to avoid calling table fields “columns” because “column” has a particular meaning for matrix tables, and also often connotes homogenous kinds of data between columns.

The analog of a Pandas DataFrame ‘column’ is a table row field. annotate is exactly what you need here:

ht = ht.annotate(esp6500siv2_all = ht[‘AA_AF’]+ht[‘EA_AF’])