Import Error: No module named 'hail'

Dear all,
I am sure this issue has been discussed before, but I could not find it.
I just wanted to start Hail and installed library using ‘pip install hail’ as indicated on
When importing the library with ‘import hail as hl’ the import error displays: No module named ‘hail’.

Help would be great with this and thanx in advance!

Best :smile:

This sounds like a Python installation issue. Are you using both pip3 and python3?

Jepp, installed hail with pip3 and trying to import with python3.x


Hail requires python 3.6 or 3.7, so I would have expected pip installation to fail. Could you try with an installation of python 3.7?

… ah, will try this …

Python is upgraded to 3.7 now, but this did not really help so far …


try: python3 -m pip install hail?

… getting a failure message now …

What’s the python 3.7 executable you’re using?


ah, ok, then try python3.7 -m pip install hail

… no, sorry, still the same error …


to be clear, this is what you’re doing?

$ python3.7 -m pip install hail

$ python3.7

>>> import hail as hl

… yes, right.

what if you do python3.7 -m pip show hail?


That’s all? Nothing like:

$ python3 -m pip show hail
Name: hail
Version: 0.2.45
Summary: Scalable library for exploring and analyzing genomic data.
Author: Hail Team
License: UNKNOWN
Location: /Users/tpoterba/anaconda3/envs/hail/lib/python3.6/site-packages
Requires: asyncinit, python-json-logger, gcsfs, humanize, hurry.filesize, PyJWT, requests, aiohttp-session, scipy, decorator, bokeh, pyspark, tabulate, numpy, tqdm, nest-asyncio, parsimonious, pandas, aiohttp
Required-by: benchmark-hail


$ python3 -m pip show doesnt_exist
WARNING: Package(s) not found: doesnt_exist

… no, I am sorry, that’s all

Is there an option with miniconda or conda?

Yes, using miniconda or conda is preferred!