Import_table on gs with wildcard


We are trying to use import_table on a set of csv’s. (e.g. gs://seqr-reference-data/GRCh37/dbNSFP/v2.9.3/dbNSFP2.9.3_variant.chr*.gz). This worked on v01, and import_vcf works on wildcards. We also tried import_table wildcard on local storage and that worked. Is this related to how Spark load’s data?

version 0.2.10-9d6015bf8a58

This doesn’t work? What’s the error?

Sorry totally forgot: Error summary: FileNotFoundException: Item not found: seqr-reference-data/GRCh37/dbNSFP/v2.9.3/dbNSFP2.9.3_variant.chr*.gz

huh, at some point we took out file globbing accidentally. Will add it back, sorry!

Thanks Tim. I tried digging through to find it but couldn’t, would be interested to see the PR.

fix here: