Issue with split_multi and/or split_multi_hts


I am new to hail 0.2, having previously used hail 0.1.

I am having an issue with using split_multi and/or split_multi_hts on my imported .vcf file. The .vcf file is a multisample (approx 300) file of trios containing WGS data, that I want ultimately run de novo calls on. I am running hail 0.2 in jupyter notebooks.

I am able to import the vcf and I can run split_multi or split_multi_hts. However the problem comes when I either run sample_qc or de_novo. I get this same error:

HailUserError Traceback (most recent call last)
----> 1 results.export(output=‘/scratch/c.sbi9hc/DRAGEN_analysis/hail_de_novo.tsv’,delimiter = “\t”)

in export(self, output, types_file, header, parallel, delimiter)

/apps/genomics/hail/0.2/el7/AVX512/gnu-7.3/hail/typecheck/ in wrapper(__original_func, *args, **kwargs)
575 def wrapper(original_func, *args, **kwargs):
576 args
, kwargs
= check_all(__original_func, args, kwargs, checkers, is_method=is_method)
→ 577 return original_func(*args, **kwargs)
579 return wrapper

/apps/genomics/hail/0.2/el7/AVX512/gnu-7.3/hail/ in export(self, output, types_file, header, parallel, delimiter)
1044 parallel = ir.ExportType.default(parallel)
1045 Env.backend().execute(
→ 1046 ir.TableWrite(self._tir, ir.TableTextWriter(output, types_file, header, parallel, delimiter)))
1048 def group_by(self, *exprs, **named_exprs) → ‘GroupedTable’:

/apps/genomics/hail/0.2/el7/AVX512/gnu-7.3/hail/backend/ in execute(self, ir, timed)
94 ‘Hail stack trace:\n’
95 f’{better_stack_trace}')
—> 96 raise HailUserError(message_and_trace) from None
98 raise e

HailUserError: Error summary: HailException: array index out of bounds: index=2, length=2

Hail stack trace:
File “”, line 1, in
mt = hl.split_multi_hts(mt)

File “/apps/genomics/hail/0.2/el7/AVX512/gnu-7.3/hail/methods/”, line 2322, in split_multi_hts
(hl.range(0, 3).map(lambda i:

File “/apps/genomics/hail/0.2/el7/AVX512/gnu-7.3/hail/methods/”, line 2326, in
).map(lambda j: split.PL[j]))))))

File “/apps/genomics/hail/0.2/el7/AVX512/gnu-7.3/hail/methods/”, line 2326, in
).map(lambda j: split.PL[j]))))))

File “/apps/genomics/hail/0.2/el7/AVX512/gnu-7.3/hail/expr/expressions/”, line 481, in getitem
return self._method(“indexArray”, self.dtype.element_type, item)

File “/apps/genomics/hail/0.2/el7/AVX512/gnu-7.3/hail/expr/expressions/”, line 596, in _method
x = ir.Apply(name, ret_type, self._ir, *(a._ir for a in args))

File “/apps/genomics/hail/0.2/el7/AVX512/gnu-7.3/hail/ir/”, line 2138, in init

I have looked at these threads:

However neither seem to help solve my issue. I have considered using vcf_combiner however it would be preferred if I can work out why this is happening. Any help would be massively appreciated.

Thank you