Ld_prune error writing to /tmp/

ld_prune returns following error:

Is it supposed to write to a file in /tmp/?

Side note: can you paste the messages as text instead of images in the future? That will make them searchable for others in the future who have these problems.

The problem here has to do with the hail temporary directory: https://hail.is/docs/0.2/api.html#hail.init

Running on a cluster with HDFS, the default file scheme is HDFS, so /tmp is really hdfs:///tmp. This means that /tmp is safe on both HDFS-enabled Spark clusters and in local mode, so that’s why we choose it as a default.

In your case, though, you may need to set the temp dir to something else. In particular, it needs to be a network-visible file system.