Median of array

Since there’s no .median() function yet, I’ve got this following hack to calculate the median of an aggregator (here, median of GQs across all carriers):

va.median_gq =
let sorted_vals = gs.filter(g => g.isCalledNonRef && !isMissing( => in 
if (sorted_vals.size == 0) NA: Double 
else if (sorted_vals.size %% 2 == 1) sorted_vals[(sorted_vals.size/2).toInt] 
else (sorted_vals[(sorted_vals.size/2).toInt] + sorted_vals[(sorted_vals.size/2).toInt - 1])/2.0

It’s pretty slow though since it sorts - happy to hear any other solutions!

Median of arrays is now available in the expression language :slight_smile:

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