No change with partition_hint

Hi Hail Team,

Under what conditions does a supplied partition_hint get used to repartition a Table?

With the below code, “new_ht” has the same number of partitions as “ht” after supplying a partition_hint (although “new_ht” is only slightly smaller than “ht”).

ht = hl.read_table(ht_path)

grouping = hl.struct(context=ht.context, 

agg = {"variant_count": hl.agg.count()}

new_ht = ht.group_by(**grouping).partition_hint(n=100).aggregate(**agg)


Hi @klaricch,

Great question! This looks like a bug to me, and I think should be an easy fix.

Just to be clear on the context, this isn’t about repartitioning tables, it’s about how many partitions to use for the result of a group_by and aggregate operation, which potentially can have many fewer rows.

This fix will land in 0.2.120

OK, thank you!

I’ve updated to the most recent version of Hail, but I’m still having the same issues with partition hint