Py4JJava Error Generating Dataset

Hi folks, I am running my first hail query following these steps:
When I try to run this line,

mt = hl.balding_nichols_model(n_populations=3,

I get the following error:

Any thoughts on how to proceed from here?
Thanks very much!

Does the solution discussed at How do I fix " Can't assign requested address"? work for you?

In the future, pasting stack traces as text rather than images is much preferred, since it means we can find the post by searching for the type of error message.

Ah yes, that fixed it. Thanks for the heads up regarding stack traces.

I’m not sure that changing the hostname is the most stable solution, as I am running into this error again. Would you have any other recommendations? Thanks.

This is a Spark issue, not a Hail one. There’s probably some info out in the wild on how to resolve this in a more robust way.