Question about Rows vs Entries

Sorry for the beginner question, but I’m confused about the rows and entries that exist in a hail matrix table. Suppose I have a HAIL matrix table that is composed of 10 people. The columns in the hail matrix table would refer to the sample information for our 10 people. Now, my understanding is the rows of the matrix table would correspond to the variants that are constant amongst all 10 people? Whereas the entries would be all of the variants that each of the 10 people have combined?

The rows component has fields that vary per row (variant) but not per column (sample) – things like the VCF INFO field, the locus, the alleles, site frequency information, functional predictions.

The cols component has fields that vary per column (sample) but not per row (variant) – for instance, phenotype information or sample metadata.

The entries component has fields that vary with both variant and sample, like the genotype.