Show() does not return anything

I have tried reproducing your tutorial, but the show() function does not return anything.
I run it on spark 2.2.0 in jupyter-notebook.

Are you sure you’ve imported the plotting libraries at the top? (bokeh, etc?)

Can you share a full code example including imports that does not work for you?

Here are all my imports:
I follow the tutorial:
None of the calls with show() works, and the same is the case for my own data analysis.

Can you include the code you’re running to make the plot as well? I want to try to reproduce your issue from a minimal example.

Also, does the bokeh icon show?

“BokehJS 0.12.13 successfully loaded.”

BokehJS was stuck loading, didn’t realise the problem, it wasn’t very apparant.
Apparantly it is a BokehJS problem, which can occur in some browsers when using jupyter-notebook.
A solution is given here