Structexpression instance has no field, method, or property 'filter'

I have a matrix in hail that looks like this

Global fields:
    'metadata': struct {
        filter: dict<str, dict<str, str>>, 
        info: dict<str, dict<str, str>>, 
        format: dict<str, dict<str, str>>
Column fields:
    's': str
Row fields:
    'locus': locus<GRCh38>
    'alleles': array<str>
    'rsid': str
    'qual': float64
    'filters': set<str>
    'info': struct {
        AC: array<int32>, 
        AF: array<float64>, 
        AN: int32, 
        AS_BaseQRankSum: array<float64>, 
        AS_FS: array<float64>, 
        AS_FilterStatus: array<str>, 
        AS_InbreedingCoeff: array<float64>, 
        AS_MQ: array<float64>, 
        AS_MQRankSum: array<float64>, 
        AS_QD: array<float64>, 
        AS_QUALapprox: str, 
        AS_RAW_BaseQRankSum: str, 
        AS_RAW_MQ: str, 
        AS_RAW_MQRankSum: str, 
        AS_RAW_ReadPosRankSum: str, 
        AS_ReadPosRankSum: array<float64>, 
        AS_SB_TABLE: str, 
        AS_SOR: array<float64>, 
        AS_VQSLOD: array<str>, 
        AS_VarDP: str, 
        AS_culprit: array<str>, 
        BaseQRankSum: float64, 
        DB: bool, 
        DP: int32, 
        END: int32, 
        ExcessHet: float64, 
        FS: float64, 
        InbreedingCoeff: float64, 
        MLEAC: array<int32>, 
        MLEAF: array<float64>, 
        MQ: float64, 
        MQRankSum: float64, 
        MQ_DP: int32, 
        NEGATIVE_TRAIN_SITE: bool, 
        POSITIVE_TRAIN_SITE: bool, 
        QD: float64, 
        QUALapprox: int32, 
        RAW_GT_COUNT: array<int32>, 
        RAW_MQandDP: array<int32>, 
        ReadPosRankSum: float64, 
        SOR: float64, 
        VQSLOD: float64, 
        VarDP: int32, 
        culprit: str, 
        CSQ: array<str>
    'transcript_consequences': struct {
        allele: str, 
        consequence: str, 
        impact: str, 
        gene_symbol: str, 
        gene_id: str, 
        feature_type: str, 
        feature: str, 
        biotype: str, 
        exon: str, 
        intron: str, 
        hgvsc: str, 
        hgvsp: str, 
        cdNA_position: str, 
        cds_position: str, 
        protein_position: str, 
        amino_acids: str, 
        codons: str, 
        existin_variation: str, 
        allele_num: str, 
        distatnce: str, 
        strand: str, 
        flags: str, 
        variant_class: str, 
        minimised: str, 
        gene_symbol_source: str, 
        hgnc_id: str, 
        canonical: str, 
        mane_select: str, 
        mane_plus_clinical: str, 
        tsl: str, 
        appris: str, 
        ccds: str, 
        protein_id: str, 
        swissprot: str, 
        trembl: str, 
        uniparc: str, 
        uniprot_isoform: str, 
        gene_pheno: str, 
        sift_prediction: str, 
        polyphen_prediction: str, 
        domains: str, 
        mirna: str, 
        hgvs_offset: str, 
        frequencies: array<str>, 
        other: array<str>, 
        lof: str, 
        lof_filter: str, 
        lof_flags: str, 
        lof_info: str
Entry fields:
    'AD': array<int32>
    'DP': int32
    'GQ': int32
    'GT': call
    'MIN_DP': int32
    'PGT': call
    'PID': str
    'PL': array<int32>
    'PS': int32
    'RGQ': int32
    'SB': array<int32>
Column key: ['s']
Row key: ['locus', 'alleles']

but if I try to filter like this I get an attribute error

AttributeError                            Traceback (most recent call last)
/tmp/ipykernel_614/ in <module>
----> 1 mt.transcript_consequences.filter(
      2         lambda tc: (tc.canonical == 1) & (tc.biotype == "protein_coding")
      3     )

/opt/conda/lib/python3.7/site-packages/hail/expr/expressions/ in __getattr__(self, item)
   1771             return self.__dict__[item]
   1772         else:
-> 1773             raise AttributeError(get_nice_attr_error(self, item))
   1775     def __len__(self):

AttributeError: StructExpression instance has no field, method, or property 'filter'
    Did you mean:
        Data field: 'lof_filter'
        StructExpression method: 'flatten'

What am I doing wrong?