Thoughts on making hail compilation more offline friendly?

I’m trying to build hail in an environment where I don’t have access to the public internet, and have run into some issues. There are a few places in the makefile where hail pulls specific versions of header-only libraries (i.e libsimdpp and Catch) from your own private mirrors. I feel like the usual move is to either 1) give users a chance to provide those deps themselves before fetching them on their behalf or 2) just stick them in the release tarball before you cut a release. I get the desire to not put that stuff in version control, but if you aren’t going to let the user opt out of using those specific deps, shouldn’t they be in the release(s)? If I made a pull request would that be of interest to anyone else?

Same goes for elasticsearch, but it might also be cool if I could just build hail without it.

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