Using Hail0.2 on Azure Databrick

Hello? Anyone who can help for Hail 0.2 on Azure?
After pip install lots of problems came out…
can’t find Java Package , import hail.plot , hl.init()

According to document

I’ve pip install hail
set ENABLE_HAIL=true

import hail as hl
hl.init(sc, idempotent=True)

AttributeError: module 'hail' has no attribute 'init'

Also another document

import hail as hl
import hail.expr.aggregators as agg
hl.init(sc, idempotent=True)

ModuleNotFoundError: No module named 'hail.expr'

Anyone can give a solution?

I think this is a question for Databricks support, sorry.

But Strange…It’s just the initial part

If the initial part don’t support…

How can they provide us to use…


On Azure DataBrick what should I do to use Hail0.2
The document only mention for Google Platform and AWS

For my operation
I only pip install Hail0.2

Would you mind to help me figure out?
(may use Hail in a long term project)


We have no control over the Databricks platform, and so cannot solve installation issues on Databricks. We are not Databricks customers, so we don’t have experience setting up Hail on Databricks. You should contact Databricks for support.