Using scientific notation in expressions


I’m getting an error when trying to use scientific notation to select p-values, but couldn’t find anything in the docs about it:

bash: syntax error near unexpected token `‘isnan(va.pheno.logreg1.pval) || va.pheno.logreg1.pval>5.0e-08’,’

using 'va.pheno.logreg1.pval>0.00000005' instead works fine, so I know it doesn’t come from my data or expression. Is there a way to use the scientific notation?

Ah, it looks like our expr parser doesn’t support scientific notation. This is probably something we won’t fix in 0.1. you probably can do that by going though a string first:

va.pheno1.logreg.pval > "5e-8".toDouble()
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No worries, str.toDouble() will do just fine for now. Thanks :slight_smile: