Variants count dismatch

I want to export a list of all variants from a MT. (like: chr1:111:A:T). I did not find a way to directly get my result. but I think I can export ‘info’ field and paste ‘locus’ and ‘alleles’ by myself.

filt_mt = hl.variant_qc(filt_mt)
# update INFO field AC, AF and AN after removals, required for correct VCF output
filt_mt = filt_mt.annotate_rows(info = = filt_mt.variant_qc.AC, AN = filt_mt.variant_qc.AN, AF = filt_mt.variant_qc.AF))

But I find out the variants count from: hl.summarize_variants(filt_mt) and from cat info.tsv | wc -l are different. summarize_variants gave several thousands more vars.

What is happening? and do we have a better way to export just a list of variants (like: chr1:111:A:T)
Thank you.