VDS in hail version 0.28

I am trying to use variant dataset in hail 0.2.72, but I don’t see vds when I do “dir(hail)”. How do I access the VariantDataset class in the latest version of hail?

Hi @cobalt, there is no Hail version 0.28. Are you referring to Hail 0.2.8? If so, you should update to the latest version of Hail, Hail version 0.2.98.

I’ve edited the post to reflect the current actual version (0.2.72). As per the docs, vds should be available for all 0.2.x versions right? Or am I mistaken?

VariantDataset was the primary representation of VCF-like genetic datasets in Hail 0.1. When we switched to 0.2, the equivalent was the MatrixTable – capable of doing everything VDS could in 0.1, and a whole lot more because there were no schema assumptions.

An entirely different representation with the same name (VDS) was created more recently to represent genomic datasets encoded with reference blocks obeying the Scalable Variant Call Representation.