BLAS library path

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I have encountered an error that I think the solution would be pertinent to the suggestion posted here:

However, I’m not sure about how to find the path to my BLAS library. May I ask for some instructions? Thank you very much!

If you’re on a GNU/Linux system, check /lib, /usr/lib, and any of the directories listed in /etc/ In general, I’d ask whoever install BLAS where it is. Most package managers can tell you what files were installed by a given package.

Thanks! So after I find the path to BLAS, should I just enter it after the “spark_conf=” in hl.init(spark_conf=…)?

spark_conf takes a dictionary whose keys are spark parameters, like "spark.executor.extraClassPath", and whose values are a setting for the parameter:

hl.init(spark_conf={"spark.executor.extraClassPath": "/foo/bar/"})
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