Undefined symbol: cblas_dgemm


I get the following error when I execute pipelines including linear_regression_rows:

/usr/java/default/bin/java: symbol lookup error: /.../...netlib-native_system-linux-x86_64.so: undefined symbol: cblas_dgemv

How do I avoid this error?

I’m sorry to hear you ran into this problem!

This either means you have incompatible BLAS libraries installed or Hail cannot find your BLAS libraries. Try setting the executor class path to explicitly reference the libraries. If you’re using spark-submit, try this:

--conf spark.executor.extraClassPath="/path/to/libblas.so:/path/to/liblapack.so"

You can also set configuration parameters in:

    "spark.executor.extraClassPath": "/path/to/libblas.so:/path/to/liblapack.so"})