Import from local mt

Is it possible to import MatrixTable from local storage instead of hadoop? My hadoop is sometimes may not work or stay in safe mode for too long and I just need to estimate parameters of mt that I have locally asap. Just using this:

mt = hl.read_matrix_table(path_to_mt)

gives me

Error summary: HailException: MatrixTable and Table files are directories; path is not directory

try file:///path/to/mt

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It gives me ‘incompatible file format when reading’

what’s the full error?

Error summary: HailException: incompatible file format when reading: /seqr-loading-test/
supported version: 1.3.0, found 1.5.0

This looks like you’re trying to read a newer file with an older version of Hail. That’s not supported.

The Hail version is 0.2.28, so does it mean that within 0.2 there is incompatibility between mt?

There’s backwards compatibility only. 0.2.x can read files written in 0.2.y so long as x >= y.

See Hail | Change Log

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