Looking for specific number of samples in gnomAD 2.1

Hello hail users,

I am currently working with gnomAD 2.1 exomes and I need to study supposedly “healthy” non-Finnish Europeans samples. I think what I want is the so-called “Controls-only” described here : gnomAD v2.1 | gnomAD news

From what I understand, these “Controls-only” gather the “Non-cancer” and “Non-neuro”. Could someone confirm that?

Also, even though in the vcf with hail I manage to get the allele frequency of the “nfe_controls” (both Non-Finnish Europeans and controls) I don’t know the number of samples this represents. Does anybody know where I could get this piece of information?

Thank you in advance for your help!

Hi @antoine-fav, this question might be better answered by the gnomAD group. If you send your question to gnomad@broadinstitute.org, they’ll be able to help you out!

Thank you for the quick reply @danielgoldstein. I have already sent them a mail but I was not sure they were answering this kind of question. So, I thought maybe someone using hail had faced the same issue.