Obtaining gnomAD allele count data

I have downloaded the hail table gs://gcp-public-data–gnomad/release/2.1.1/liftover_grch38/ht/exomes/gnomad.exomes.r2.1.1.sites.liftover_grch38.ht (gnomad version 2 exomes lifted over to build 38) and I’d like to extract allele count data from this.

Using hl.eval(ht.globals.freq_index_dict) I can see a frozendict with several hundred different items in it. One of these is “‘gnomad’: 0”. Is the 0 the index within the freq field, and therefore mean that I should be extracting the AC from ht.freq[0]?

This is quite possibly a daft question but I do want to ensure that the AC I’m extracting is exactly what I think it is.
If there is documentation on this that I’ve missed I’d appreciate links.

Many thanks in advance

That’s my understanding, yes. The freq field is an array with lots of groups of summary metrics for various sample groups/exclusions. The freq_index_dict is the map for encoding which sample subgroup is which, and the first index freq[0] is all gnomAD samples.

Thank you @tpoterba :+1: