Permission denied (publickey) when trying to connect Dataproc notebook with hailctl

Hi Hail,

After the update to the most recent version of Hail, I am no longer able to properly use the google cloud Dataproc with hailctl.
I am starting a cluster with hailctl successfully:
hailctl dataproc start cluster
–region us-east1
–master-machine-type n1-highmem-2
–num-preemptible-workers 10
–num-workers 2
–worker-machine-type n1-highmem-2

and then trying to connect to the notebook:
hailctl dataproc connect cluster notebook --zone=us-east1-b

As a result:
gcloud command:
compute ssh user@cluster-m --zone=us-east1-b
‘–ssh-flag=-D 10000’
Connecting to cluster ‘cluster’…
user@ Permission denied (publickey).

I have checked the keys within my google cloud project and nothing has changed since the update of Hail. Same sequence of commands was getting me to the Dataproc notebook before. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

Are you able to ssh to the cluster’s leader node?

gcloud compute ssh cluster-m

You might have to specify the zone in which the cluster resides. I suspect the issue is with gcloud. You might try updating gcloud and logging in to gcloud again: gcloud auth login.