Simple question about mt.filter_rows()

I’m building a script where I want to use 2 mt.filter_rows() sequentially. Since the actual computation doesn’t occur with this statement, I’m wondering if at the end, when I call something that does force computation (like hl.export_vcf()) will my 2 filtering statements be run independently of the other?

For example, if I have:

mt=mt.filter_rows(mt.ColA >2, keep=False)
mt=mt.filter_rows(mt.ColB >8, keep=False)
hl.export_vcf(mt, path)

When I invoke computation with the export, will it perform 2 separate filtering passes, where all the A > 2 are gone first, then for whatever remains, filter B > 8 ? Or will it be interpreted as (mt.ColA > 2) AND (mt.ColB > 8), doing only 1 filtering pass?