Filter mt rows on ht error

Hi hail team,

I’m running into a weird error while trying to filter the rows of a MatrixTable. I’m running:

hl.init(log="/apply_hard_filters.log", default_reference="GRCh38")
data_source = "broad"
freeze = args.freeze

if not file_exists(callrate_mt_path(data_source, freeze, interval_filtered=False)):
    raise DataException("Need to compute interval callrate MT!")"Reading in callrate MT, sex ht, interval qc HT...")
callrate_mt = hl.read_matrix_table(
    callrate_mt_path(data_source, freeze, interval_filtered=False)
sex_ht = hl.read_table(sex_ht_path(data_source, freeze))
interval_qc_ht = hl.read_table(interval_qc_path(data_source, freeze, "autosomes"))
interval_qc_ht = interval_qc_ht.filter(
    interval_qc_ht[args.cov_filter_field] > args.pct_samples
)"Hard filtering samples...")
hard_filters_ht = hard_filter_samples(


def hard_filter_samples(
    data_source: str,
    freeze: int,
    mt: hl.MatrixTable,
    interval_qc_ht: hl.Table,
    sex_ht: hl.Table,
    min_callrate: float = 0.99,
    min_depth: float = 20.0,
) -> hl.Table:
    Applies hard filters to samples and returns Table with samples and their hard filter status.
    This function expects the input MT to be annotated with the fields n_defined, total, and dp_sum.
    These are calculated using compute_interval_callrate_dp_mt.
    :param str data_source: One of 'regeneron' or 'broad'
    :param int freeze: One of the data freezes
    :param MatrixTable mt: Input MatrixTable with samples to be filtered
    :param Table interval_qc_ht: Table with high coverage intervals
    :param Table sex_ht: Table with samples and their inferred sex
    :param float min_callrate: Callrate threshold to be used to filter samples; default is 0.99
    :param float min_depth: Mean depth threshold to be used to filter samples; default is 20.0
    :return: Table with samples and their hard filter status
    :rtype: hl.Table
    """"Computing callrate and mean DP over high coverage intervals...")
    mt = mt.filter_rows(hl.is_defined(interval_qc_ht[mt.row_key]))
    mt = mt.checkpoint(callrate_mt_path(data_source, freeze, interval_filtered=True))
    ht = mt.annotate_cols(
        call_rate=hl.agg.sum(mt.n_defined) / hl.agg.sum(,
        mean_dp=hl.agg.sum(mt.dp_sum) / hl.agg.sum(,
    ).cols()"Adding sex imputation annotations...")
    ht = ht.annotate(sex=sex_ht[ht.key].sex_karyotype)

    ht = ht.checkpoint(
        get_checkpoint_path(data_source, freeze, name="interval_qc_sample_qc"),
    )"Applying hard filters and writing out hard filters HT...")
    ht = ht.annotate(
            ht.call_rate, ht.mean_dp,, min_callrate, min_depth
    ht = ht.annotate(
                | (ht.hard_filters.ambiguous_sex)
                | (ht.hard_filters.sex_aneuploidy)
                | (ht.hard_filters.low_coverage)
    return ht.drop("sex")

I seem to be getting a weird error on the filter rows:

[Stage 0:=>                                                 (598 + 301) / 30000]Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "/tmp/f10f5b76f6964dea8a82b0aa025c9375/", line 213, in <module>
  File "/tmp/f10f5b76f6964dea8a82b0aa025c9375/", line 153, in main
  File "/tmp/f10f5b76f6964dea8a82b0aa025c9375/", line 92, in hard_filter_samples
    mt = mt.checkpoint(callrate_mt_path(data_source, freeze, interval_filtered=True), overwrite=True)
  File "<decorator-gen-1090>", line 2, in checkpoint
  File "/opt/conda/default/lib/python3.6/site-packages/hail/typecheck/", line 585, in wrapper
    return __original_func(*args_, **kwargs_)
  File "/opt/conda/default/lib/python3.6/site-packages/hail/", line 2490, in checkpoint
    self.write(output=output, overwrite=overwrite, stage_locally=stage_locally, _codec_spec=_codec_spec)
  File "<decorator-gen-1092>", line 2, in write
  File "/opt/conda/default/lib/python3.6/site-packages/hail/typecheck/", line 585, in wrapper
    return __original_func(*args_, **kwargs_)
  File "/opt/conda/default/lib/python3.6/site-packages/hail/", line 2529, in write
    Env.backend().execute(MatrixWrite(self._mir, writer))
  File "/opt/conda/default/lib/python3.6/site-packages/hail/backend/", line 109, in execute
    result = json.loads(Env.hc()._jhc.backend().executeJSON(self._to_java_ir(ir)))
  File "/usr/lib/spark/python/lib/", line 1257, in __call__
  File "/opt/conda/default/lib/python3.6/site-packages/hail/utils/", line 225, in deco
    'Error summary: %s' % (deepest, full, hail.__version__, deepest)) from None HailException: cannot set missing field for required type +PCStruct{pct_samples_20x:PFloat64}

Both the interval_qc_ht and the mt are keyed by interval. Can you help me decipher the cannot set missing field for required type +PCStruct{pct_samples_20x:PFloat64} error?

Log: apply_hard_filters.log (2.6 MB)

I think this is a bug in 0.2.34 that’s since been fixed. John is releasing 0.2.35 right now, so updating in a few minutes should fix the problem.

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er, having a problem in the release, but should be a new version later today.

hooray, thank you!!

There’s a new release now, see if that fixes your problem.

I just updated but got the same error. The log is too big to upload…

Email it to us?

OK, I know what the problem is. Fix soon.

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Fix is here, will re-release when that goes in:

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thank you so much, Tim!!

thank you for this, I wrote the HT :grinning: