Unable to write MatrixTable (VCFParseError)

Hi all, I am importing a large joint-called VCF, and when I try to write it to a MatrixTable, I received this error:
Error summary: VCFParseError: error while parsing info field 'dbSNP151__COMMON': invalid character ',' in integer literal
May I know if there is an argument to get around this, or do I need to fix the VCF? Thank you very much!

The VCF probably has an incorrect NUMBER in the INFO header line for that field. My guess is that is says the number is 1 but it really needs to be one of the array designators (A/R/G/./2/etc).

Thank you for your response. Can I ask if there is there a way to rectify this in Hail?

You can get around this by creating a fixed header as a separate file, and using the header_file argument to import_vcf.