Using hail_concordance

Hello! I am trying to compare two datasets with exactly the same samples. I have used the code:
summary, samples, variants = hl.concordance(dataset, dataset2)
However, I am having some trouble understanding the output. I am trying to extract the variants that are unique to each dataset, can I get some advice on how to do this?

The output of concordance is really most useful for interrogating genotype concordance, rather than variant concordance. It’s easy to use other table-level methods to query the variants unique to each table.

# only need variant information, not genotypes
ds1 = dataset.rows() 
ds2 = dataset2.rows()

# unique in dataset1 -- filter out any variants in ds2
ds1_unique = ds1.anti_join_rows(ds2)

# unique in dataset2 -- filter out any variants in ds1
ds2_unique = ds2.anti_join_rows(ds1)

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Thank you! I seem to be getting this error unfortunately:

AttributeError: Table instance has no field, method, or property 'anti_join_rows'
    Did you mean:
        Table method: 'anti_join'

I will try “anti-join”

oh, oops, that’s right.