Attributeerror: module 'hail' has no attribute 'init'


I have installed hail 0.2.53

In my script python, I do:

import hail as hl

I got :

attributeerror: module ‘hail’ has no attribute ‘init’

Can you help please ? even hl.version() doesn’t work.

Are you running this script from a directory that has a hail/ folder? This could be causing problems with module import.

No, there is nothing in the folder a part the script.

OK, what’s the output of

python3 -c "import hail; print(hail.__file__)"

how about if you make your script:

import hail as hl

And run it the same way as your first post?

same issue: attributeerror: module ‘hail’ has no attribute ‘init’

actually it works now ! just by renaming the file form ' ’ to ‘’