How to know the version of Vep running on hail?


  1. How can i know what version of ensemble vep im running currently in Hail 0.2, and also is there any way to update to latest version of vep if im not running the latest version already.
    Im running Hail 0.2.61.
  2. I have read threads regarding changing the vep command in json file, but i dont know what the schema will be to set up in the vep_json_schema. How can i handle this situation.

Hail runs predefined versions of VEP – 85 for GRCh37, 95 for GRCh38. In order to run a different version, you’ll have to create the config file that correctly describes the schema. We don’t really have the capacity to support people doing this, since it’s a pretty hefty time investment to change the schema whenever we update the VEP versions ourselves.

Any updates on when will the vep will be running on the most recent version?