Running notebook without browser on a remote virtual machine

I’m wondering if I can run notebook on a machine I ssh into. Right now if I type in

hailctl dataproc connect test notebook

I get

OSError: cannot find 'chromium' or 'chromium-browser' on path

Is there a --no-browser option?

“Running a notebook” means connecting to the Dataproc driver VM through an ssh tunnel so that you can open jupyter from a browser on your machine. This means that you need to be running this from a machine with a browser – a remote VM doesn’t have one.

Your options are (as I see them) aren’t great:

  1. Don’t use jupyter, use python script submission, which doesn’t require a browser.
  2. run the hailctl dataproc connect from your laptop.

Hi, I am now in similar situation, looking for a --no-browser way. I would really like to connect via a machine I ssh into. I was wondering if anyone has a workaround for this? I was thinking a tunnel from GC to remote and then remote to local, but failed and I am not sure tunneling can be done this way.