Save figure on gcloud hail dataproc


I am having trouble saving a pdf on a gcloud hail dataproc. This is the command I am using:

hl.hadoop_copy('file:///tmp/filename.pdf', 'gs://ukb-gt/filename.pdf')

The same hl.hadoop_copy command to save a numpy array using

I am not getting any error, but no pdf is appearing. Thanks!

I wasn’t able to replicate this problem. I just used hadoop copy the same way you did on a matplotlib generated pdf and it seemed to work. Maybe try making an example plot and copying it to your personal bucket, to see if it’s somehow something about the settings of this particular project / bucket that is causing a problem? You can also send us your hail log file and we can see if anything printed in there about failing to copy.

I restarted the notebook and it started working. Thanks for the help!