Update Hail 0.2 + Time to read MT file


You recommend to update the new version of Hail 0.2 each week.

But I have noticed that the new version on https://hail.is/docs/devel/getting_started.html is eb1e0420579
but on google bucket (gs://hail-common/builds/devel), it suggests other versions.

For example, before when I was using aa83f2a1d041 version : it takes two seconds to read a MT file.
Now with eb1e04205793 version, it is unstable : sometimes 1 seconds , sometimes 30 minutes.

Do you have an idea of what can be the problem ?

Thanks for your help !!

I have an idea, and will post a fix.

I believe this will fix:

Note that a bunch of things have gotten way faster in the last 2 months.

Ok many thanks !!

So I have to use eb1e0420579 version again ?

No, you’ll have to update to the latest version when this fix gets merged (probably in the next few hours).

We never change deployed versions, just add new ones!